Training Services

At Osgood Marketing Group the spirit of “Kaizen” permeates in everything we do for ourselves and our clients. We are growth focused and strive for continuous self-improvement (the definition of Kaizen). We work only with clients of like mind for obvious reasons. This core belief is a result of our Founder’s commitment to “pay forward” all of the insight that was bestowed upon him during his extensive career. He was fortunate to have

worked side by side and was mentored by many of the best Media and Marketing minds in the World!

We truly believe that each company’s most valuable assets are their human resources. We still get everything done through people. In order to remain competitive in this day and age, it is critical to provide continuing educational opportunities for your employees so that their individual and collective performances can continuously improve. In that vein, OMG Inc. offers a variety of training programs for our clients. The general areas of training that we specialize in are Sales, Sales Management and Executive Leadership. We have trained salespeople, sales managers and executives across the country, inside some of the most well respected business in their respective industries. We will create customized programs tailored to the specific needs of each individual client.

Our Sales Training programs are based on a customer-focused sales philosophy. The approach is needs-based and results driven. The OMG Inc Sales Management Training programs cover everything from attracting the best talent and development of an “All Star Team” as well as Budgeting, Projections, Inventory Control and Yield Management to Strategic Account Management and Sales Incentive Programs. Finally, our Executive Leadership Training programs teach everything from identification and evaluation of the various “themes” or characteristics required within the most effective leaders, evaluation of strengths and non-strengths of your management and employees and how to set them up for success. Much of it is based upon the philosophy of having your human resources “Soar with their Strengths.” The programs also cover everything from problem-solving, strategic thinking, analytical skills to short term and long term planning and Organizational Teambuilding. It is always good to bring in additional perspectives and experience to accelerate the growth of everyone’s skill sets, from the top of the organization on down. Leave it to the experts!