Media Buying

Most business owners don’t realize that almost all media pricing is negotiable and the majority of those that do have no idea how or where to begin. If it isn’t done correctly you wind up as the old adage says: “getting what you pay for.” If the schedule or ad placement isn’t done strategically, you will ultimately just throw your money away. Conversely, if you buy a strong strategic, results-focused schedule, it could be one of the most important and profitable investments you ever make for your company.

We believe that every schedule/placement must be made as strategically as possible, always focusing on the most relevant times for consumption of your message (during potential buying times). We encourage placing longer term buys (from Quarterly to Annuals) in order to get maximum effectiveness and further leverage for friendlier pricing.

Using our twenty five plus (25+) years in media sales, sales management and media ownership (in all traditional media as well as Online and Social Media), we negotiate the most cost efficient and cost effective media buys possible. Having been “on the inside” for so many years, OMG Inc. has instant credibility with all media suppliers. You will no longer have to worry if you’re getting the “most bang for your buck” or if you are reaching your target customers effectively. Leave it to the experts.